I’ve been writ…

I’ve been writing a novel, and give a plot summary below. I will only start to post chapters if there is a big enough interest. I have completed the first and final quarters and I am still writing the middle half! I hope to get it out to publishers next month. Don’t forget to ‘like’ if you want to read more.




Goes to France

A Novel






Captain Charles Huffington was a 27 year old officer in the South Staffordshire Regiment, based at Lichfield, in the British Midlands. At the outbreak of the Great War, he was transferred to the Continent with the 6th Battalion of South Staffordshires. In September 1915 he rescues a wounded man from the Hohenzollern Redoubt, in France and was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry. However, before he could accept his medal, he was gassed during the first day of the Battle for Loos. He received his medal from General Rawlinson, while in hospital in France. There, he also met Nurse Sarah Bealen. Sarah was a 20 year old Irish girl who had been a nurse for two years, the last year in the army. A romance developed. When Captain Huffington was sent back to England, Sarah accompanies the contingent and continued the romance, despite his parents’ opposition, because Sarah was working class, and Irish.

            They both loved tennis and at the local club befriend an old flame of Sarah’s, Lieutenant Edward Brant also of the South Staffs. He was English raised, although his parents came from Carlow, in Ireland. Charles proposed to Sarah, but she remained non-pulsed. His parents are horrified and sent him to London, to get him away from Sarah. While Charles was away, Sarah and Edward have a rekindled fling, before he returned; faces down his father and won back Sarah. They were engaged when the Easter Rising erupts in Dublin. Charles and Edward are sent to Dublin as officers in the 2/6th Battalion of South Staffordshires. They experience the horrors of urban warfare and end up at North King Street. They are ordered to clear the street and to take no prisoners. Charles went about his job with gusto, but Edward was disgusted by the cold blooded murder of 23 unarmed civilians. In the ensuing clash, Charles witnessed Edward shoot dead Private Martin Sutherland. A trial follows with Sarah Bealen caught between the two officers, leading to an explosive and surprising climax.




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