Realising that some people were good enough to be following this story, and as I am still caught up in a separate project, I thought it only fair to give you the Synopsis of the story (until it gets into the shops!), and a photo of the story’s heroine 🙂

Sarah Bealen and Edward Cole were childhood sweethearts in the Carlow of one hundred years ago. In 1909, Edward and his family moved to the English midlands. Sarah went on to become a nurse in Dublin. After the outbreak of the Great War, she became an army nurse, and moved to London. Due to a linguistic mishap, she ended up working in the Lahore Hospital, in Calais. There she treated gas victims from the Battle of Loos, in September 1915. One was Captain Charles Huffington, a receiver of the Medal for Gallantry. He and  Sarah begin an affair, although his parents are horrified by her working class, Irish background. Charles was sent home to recover.
Sarah took lodgings in Lichfield, within cycling distance of Charles’s home. There, she met Edward Cole again, who was now a Second Lieutenant in Charles’s Regiment. Sarah still wanted Charles and accepts his marriage proposal. In a final attempt to stop this, his father transferred his son to the Regimental Headquarters in Whitehall. Sarah turned to Edward for support and comfort. He gave her far more than just comfort, having never lost his love for her. Charles threatens to resign his commission, unless he is allowed to marry Sarah. Under duress, his father conceded and Sarah and Charles announce their engagement.

When the Easter Insurrection breaks out in Dublin, Charles and Edward were sent with the English contingent. While fighting on North King Street, Edward witnessed the murder of an innocent civilian and in turn shot dead the soldier responsible. Charles had Edward arrested for killing the British soldier, and was the main witness for the prosecution. Edward was found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. Sarah was also in Dublin, as part of the medical corp. of the British forces. She visited Edward, after which he wrote to her about what really happened on North King Street. He explained that, while he was guilty as charged, he also witnessed Charles murdering Sarah’s father. Before she received this news, Edward was executed. Charles and Sarah return to England and marry. Some eyebrows were raised in Charles’s community by the fact that Sarah was obviously pregnant.

When she eventually received Edward’s letter about Charles and her father, Sarah confronted Charles. He admitted the killing, dismissing it as a just war. Sarah lost it and attacked Charles, letting him know that she was carrying Edward’s baby. In the resulting fight to the death, it was Sarah who triumphed, killing her husband. His father, the Colonel, found the body and had beaten the whole truth out of Sarah. In order for protect his son’s good name and the reputation of the regiment, Colonel Huffington agreed not to press charges against her, as long as she left Britain forever. Sarah agreed and the story ends as she was reunited with her mother and sister on the Kingstown quayside.Image

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